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Bio Seekers Ltd are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect about you to process orders and to provide a better service.

What do we do with the information we collect?

When you order, for example, we need to know your name, telephone number,  e-mail address, delivery address, invoicing address. This allows us to process, progress and fulfil your order as well as confirm delivery and provide any after sales care that may be required.

We will need to divulge some of this information to our carrier to fulfil your order request.

If you wish to change or delete any of the personal information you have entered whilst visiting our site, please e-mail us at If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us at the same address.



What is a cookie?

Most websites you visit will use cookies in order to make your visit to the site easier, faster and save you entering information during each visit.  Cookies are small text type files which are stored on the user’s local computer which hold information about the user.  The website uses this information to recognise the user.  It may contain information about your preferences during previous visits so the website can provide you with information it recognises as relevant to your interest.  If a website does not use cookies it will think you are new to the site each time you visit.  Some websites may not function correctly if you choose not to accept cookies.

You can choose not to accept cookies.

You can change the options within your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to you and you can then accept or refuse them. It is also possible to delete cookies that have previously been received by your computer. In order to place orders or download information from our sites you are required to log into the site by doing so you are agreeing to accept cookies in order for the website to function correctly.  These cookies then allow the site to remember who you are when you brows to different pages without the need to re-enter information on every page you visit.  If you require the ability to order products or download information from our sites then it will be necessary for you to accept the use of cookies sent to your computer from our websites.

Tracking/user analysis cookies. These cookies allow us to see how many users are visiting this site and uses a third party service (such as Google Analytics) to do so.

For more information please visit